Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm The One - Commercial Ad

Client: Justlife
Title: I'm The One

boom mike~

Behind the scene

Lim Shan Fei as Zheng Hao Sir
FiFi Leong as Wonton Mee lady boss
Li Hwa as girl in the cafe
Ahmad Murad Abd Rahman as the cafe boss

Producer: Kahgiap Lee
Writer/Director: Dick Chua
DOP: Dick Chua
Location Sound: Kah Hooi
Music Composer: Singblass
Production Assistant: Xiang, Kah Hooi
Editor: Dick Chua
Motion graphic: Kahgiap Lee
Production Company: D1 Production |

this is as what the lecture said ?aim something to shoot? XD
damn...shooting video aint so bad for a career....hmmm,can think about that =p~

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